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Tactical Chameleon Defense (TCD)

What ist Chamelon Defense (TDC)
TDC was invented by Amaro Bento, an expert of closed combat and self-defense with and without objects. In the last 20 years he promoted several schools and taught close combat to military, police and security employees.
But what he missed all this years was a practical and efficient object for self-defense on a high level for all situations. Such an object is only efficient when you have it on you all the time, you use it every day! That is the only way to get used to and to handle it correctly. The technics of self-defense become efficient.
Those reasons pushed Amaro Bento to invent a sensational product. The tactical chameleon is a spectacular innovation and very helpful to everybody.

Which are the advantages of TCD?
In order to its anatomical form, the tactical chameleon fits in every hand, big or small.
It can be used to push, hit or press, as well as for technics to control your aggressor.
In extremes situations it can be used for hitting, without hurting.
The chameleon is able to be used in all positions, no matter where the attack comes from.
Because it’s small, the tactical chameleon isn’t considered as an escalation object.

How to use TCD?
As various as the advantages are as various are the possibilities of application. TCD can be used as well for self-defense as for protection of third persons. Security employees may use it also for controls.

How to carry the tactical chameleon?
It is not only a self-defense object, but as keychain a constant companion for people of all ages. You’ll carry it with you all the time. Especially by opening house or car doors, you’ll have the tactical chameleon in your hand. Raids on women happen often on those places.
It looks great as a fashion accessory. You wear it around your nick, or you hang it on your handbag. If it fixed on a special ring chain, you tear it out in a fraction of seconds and you are ready to defend yourself or to protect third persons.
This simply and fast way of use predestine it also for handicapped persons.
Security employees may carry the tactical chameleon in special belt holsters.
Discover the advantages and the simple and easy way to use TCD. Visit a course in one of our centers near you. Our instructors will be happy to introduce you to this extraordinary aid of self-defense.
„Change your chance of defense“

„Change your chance of defense.“

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